Student Motivation

“I love the contents of the Academic-Zone modules, but how can I encourage my students to spend time using them?”

As I was speaking to a professor last week, this comment inspired me to write a post on how to address a very real challenge. How do professors get students to spend their valuable time on learning modules instead of Facebook?

I have a few solid tips that might inspire your students to access Academic-Zone (A-Z) on a more frequent basis.

1. Add weight to the modules

How do you get students to write an eight page essay? Show up for an exam on a Friday night? You put a percentage value behind it. Using the same principle, you can motivate your students to use the A-Z modules. Whether you put a 5% weight on the Post-Quiz results or include A-Z discussion as part of class participation, you can be sure that A-Z will receive more screen time in the future.

2. Student’s perspective

Another way to pump up your students is to have one of them present the benefits of A-Z to the rest of your class. Inviting a student who has had previous experience with Academic-Zone to address your class can work miracles. Once the students hear firsthand that A-Z works, they may be inspired to see what it can do for them.

3. Verbal reminders

Sometimes all your students need is to hear about the resources more frequently. By speaking about A-Z in class you will emphasise the importance of the modules. Constant references to the resource will raise curiosity amongst the students and encourage them to check it out for themselves.

What do you think?

2 responses to “Student Motivation

  1. I need to get more details about the products. The video is too general.

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