Professors’ Perspectives: Dr. MacKenzie

“Writing is a life skill.” – Dr. Herb MacKenzie

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting with Dr. Herb MacKenzie who is an Associate Professor of Marketing for the Goodman School of Business. Dr. MacKenzie is a long-time user of Academic-Zone, and currently uses the Business Grammar modules in his first year Management class. In the class he places a high emphasis on grammar skills and requires his students to achieve a minimum of 70% on a grammar proficiency test to complete his course. He says, “Strong written communication skills are necessary for students trying to succeed in their current education, but also in their future careers. Writing is a life skill.”

To help his students develop these grammar skills, Dr. MacKenzie uses the Academic-Zone learning resources. He recognizes that instructors have been emphasizing the importance of grammar skills throughout the student’s education, but finds value in presenting the information in a new medium.  He says, “The Business Grammar module is useful for students as it reinforces the essential writing skills in a clear and interactive method. It engages students by using concise text, relevant examples, and plenty of practice opportunities.”

Dr. MacKenzie doesn’t think that it’s enough for his students to learn the writing skills in their first year, but rather that they are strengthened throughout their whole education. He believes that having the Academic-Zone modules available for upper year students, helps reinforce their skill development. The user-friendly navigation of Academic-Zone enables all levels of students to use the modules to support their learning.

 Herb MacKenzie Promo Photo 2.7Mb

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