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Beyond Gamification: Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Alternative, Progressive Education

Beyond Gamification: Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Alternative, Progressive Education

I read a great article this morning on Forbes.com called “Beyond Gamification: Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Alternative, Progressive Education”.

Dr. Matthew Peterson is the founder and CEO of the MIND Research Institute. The MIND Research Institute is a not-for-profit organization that “enables elementary and secondary students to reach their full academic and career potential through developing and deploying math instructional software and systems”.

This article focuses on Dr. Peterson’s creation ST Math, “a unique game-based math curriculum for elementary and secondary schools that uses neuroscientific, mathematics, and education research to improve math education and advance scientific understanding.” 

I found the article extremely captivating. It is amazing what people and organizations are doing to change the way we educate and learn. The power of technology has enabled new ways of thinking and new understandings of how people learn.

ST Math concentrated on three principles that they consider “prerequisites for enabling quality learning”

  • Interactivity
  • Informative feedback
  • Intrinsic motivation

Academic-Zone follows these very principles. All of our modules are driven by interactive content with informative feedback that encourages intrinsic motivation. It is our goal to offer innovative resources that help today’s students proactively take control of his/her education. Our flexibility and ability to address the unique learning styles through interactivity and the use of multiple channels to present content creates an educational offering that positively impacts today’s students as well we today’s learning environment.