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Steve Wheeler’s Three Things About Learning For This Generation

Steve Wheeler’s Three Things About Learning for this Generation

I read another very interesting article from fellow blogger and noted e-learning expert Steve Wheeler. He is an Associate Professor of learning technology in the Faculty of Health, Education and Society, at Plymouth University.

To view the blog post click the title or click here. This article focuses on three things that Steve thinks we need to know about learning for this generation. These three things are:

  • Learning needs to be personalized
  • Learning needs to be social
  • Learning needs to be globalized

Steve notes that learning must be differentiated because one size definitely does not fit all. Everyone learns in a different way, and personalized learning allows for a stronger connection to the material being taught. Academic-Zone avoids the “one size fits all” aspect of online resources through its interactivity, helping create what can be described as a personalized experience. Social interaction is also very important in the learning process. Steve notes, “Much of what we learn comes from contact and communication with others.” Through the use of video and audio clips featuring students and educators our modules deliver a very interactive and social learning experience. Globalization is the last topic discussed in this post. It is important to create a global learning community. “Students who share their content online can reach a worldwide audience who can act as a peer network to provide constructive feedback. Teachers can crowd-source their ideas and share their content in professional forums”. This is the reason Academic-Zone is available to other institutions. We want to share our resources to enhance education across the board.

The tools and devices students choose, and the pathways they decide to take are in many ways beginning to challenge the synchronised and homogenised approaches we still practice in schools, universities and organisations”

Academic-Zone is bridging the gap between traditional learning and innovative learning practices. As a result, Academic-Zone has a community of engaged and empowered student learners and supported educators making significant strides in developing academic success throughout the field of education.