Can we ‘teach’ academic writing (and whose job is it anyway)?

What an interesting article! This post talks about whose responsibility it is to “teach” academic writing…if academic writing can even be taught. The last section of the post really caught my attention. It discussed the much needed partnership between faculty (professors and lecturers) and services (learning centre, writing centre, leanring specialists). I believe it takes a strong collaboration between faculty and staff to manage and improve a student’s writing. Academic-Zone has helped to bridge the gap between faculty and services, and has allowed students to improve their academic writing inside and outside the classroom.

Writing in the Academy

On the face of it, the answer to the first part of this question looks like an easy ‘yes’ doesn’t it? In some ways, it is a yes; easy – well, I’m less sure about that. The answer to the second part of the question is perhaps less easy in practice.

A few years ago I was tutoring and teaching in courses in different faculties and this was my job: to teach students how to write academically (as in, in the forms and styles required of the disciplines within those faculties, according to their criteria and standards). But here’s the thing: it was actually a really tough job, and lots of my students really struggled to get what I was trying to tell them about how they should be writing.  We were teaching students to write their essays and paragraphs in courses that stood outside of the disciplines, were not…

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