Adaptive Learning: Knewton

Adaptive learning is a term that has been thrown around a lot in recent times in the world of education. Whether you are in the classroom, online, or at a conference, the topic of discussion seems to be adaptive learning.

So what exactly is adaptive learning?

Simply put, adaptive learning is a new way of learning that uses computers as interactive teaching devices. With the help of a little math and science, adaptive learning platforms manipulate and tailor educational content in real-time, to personalize learning for students and generate insights for instructors. In other words, students go through exercises and the computer platform adjusts the upcoming content to best meet the needs of the student.

Adaptive learning is looking to solve the issue of “everyone is unique, and everyone learns in a different way”. With adaptive learning the learning becomes individualized and focused; with the end goal being to provide the most effective and efficient way to learn. Technology also plays an important role in adaptive learning and in today’s education in general. Technology allows new ways to approach the learning environment and delivers new, innovative ways to educate. For example, technology enables content to be delivered in a variety of different forms, catering to the varying needs of unique students.

Adaptive learning is very complex and is truly changing the way we educate and learn. Although I have just skimmed the surface of what adaptive learning is, and what it can do, I wanted to take this opportunity to point out one organization that is leading the way with adaptive learning. The company is called Knewton, and they are the worlds leading adaptive learning technology platform. The company is breaking grounds with their outstanding platform. I first heard about Knewton at a Pearson Education conference. They recently partnered with Pearson to provide adaptive learning to their large line-up of MyLab and Mastering educational resources/LMS system. Knewton goes above and beyond with their adaptive learning platform, offering a truly individualized learning experience for every user. More importantly they have the efficacy to back it up. With proven results, the system offers a brand new and innovative way to learn.

For more information on adaptive learning check out  Knewton’s website. There is so much more to discover, so make sure you explore more!

Whats your experience with adaptive learning? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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