Computers Will Replace Teachers, and Here’s How…

What do you think? Do you think computers will replace teachers?!

My answer: Although I do not know if teachers will ever be obsolete I do think that technology, innovation, and computers all act as important tools that can enhance and improve learning. I think it is important to look at the benefits of technology instead of always thinking of technology as a negative part of the classroom environment.

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I imagine this will be a fairly provocative article. 🙂

I have written many times in the past about how computers might replace teachers in the classroom. I got some very interesting responses so I spent more time thinking about it. This week two articles I found online made the pieces fit. Let me see if I can lay out my thinking and then you all can tell me if I’m crazy.

It’s bit of a ride so I’ll provide you with off ramps as we go…

Computers are getting faster every year based on something called Moore’s Law. This is an observation that for the same money, you can buy a computer with about twice the computing power every 12-18 months (it used to be 24 months). The side effect of this is that a given level of performance gets cheaper each year. If you think this…

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