Technology can help in solving problems in face-to-face classes

This is a very interesting article! The post showcases an instructor’s strategy of creating YouTube videos as online resources for her students. She discusses the benefits and setbacks of providing an online lesson to students. The post compares the pace of teaching face to face to the pace of teaching online or online resources. When teaching face to face, the instructor typically sets the pace of the lesson based on personal preference, timeframe, and students’ note-taking speed. An online resource or lesson, however, allows the student to control the pace through pausing and resuming. I believe students often have a hard time keeping up with professors.
Academic-Zone sees the benefit of self-directed learning and provides students with online resources that allow them to work at their own pace and improve their academic writing skills inside and outside the classroom. What are your thoughts? For more reading on this topic, check out the original article.

Julie Dodd

Julie Dodd's YouTube video Strategies for Writing Cover LettersTechnology helped me solve a teaching problem caused by the school calendar.

I teach a Tuesday/Thursday class and usually have two class meetings at the beginning of the semester before students complete their first graded assignment – a cover letter and résumé for a media-related internship.

This semester, classes started on Wednesday instead of Tuesday, so I had only one lecture the first week. To add to the situation, add/drop was in progress meaning that some students would add the class after the first week. Many students now order their textbooks online to get a less expensive price, so I couldn’t count on all students to have the book and using the textbook chapter as the sole resource.

Judy Robinson, my teaching with technology collaborator, suggested that I record my instruction in Go-to-Webinar and post the resulting videos on YouTube for my students to watch.

What a good idea –…

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