Daily Archives: September 24, 2013

National Punctuation Day: Celebrating the Proper Uses of Punctuation

Today is National Punctuation Day! This unofficial holiday takes place every year on September 24th and has been occurring since it was founded back in 2004 by Jeff Rubin. It’s basically a celebration of the correct and proper uses of the various forms of punctuation including commas, quotation marks, semicolons, and so on. National Punctuation Day’s website provides us with a brief explanation and some examples of how to properly use each form of punctuation. It also encourages everyone to pay close attention to store signs and point out the ones with incorrectly punctuated words.

It seems that nowadays, many people do not pay close attention to the proper uses of punctuation and tend to rely on auto-correct to fix their mistakes for them. Proper punctuation has almost always been skipped over when it comes to social media, and it appears that this causes improper uses to carry over into one’s academic writing. It’s almost as though punctuation doesn’t matter as much now as it has in the past. In your opinion, does punctuation still matter? What punctuation errors bother you the most?

For your enjoyment, here is Mashable’s photo gallery of 16 Unfortunate Misuses of Punctuation.

Check out the National Punctuation Day website here.