My Experience with Academic-Zone

You may be thinking to yourself, what is the purpose of the Academic-Zone resources and how are they going to help me in my courses? Well, as a student at Brock University, I can honestly say that Academic-Zone was a huge help to me during my first year and helped me see what’s expected at the post-secondary level.

I used the Essay-Zone and Advanced Grammar modules in my first year Principles of Business course (MGMT 1P93). As part of this course, we were required to take a grammar and punctuation test, and we had three attempts to achieve a minimum grade of 70% or we would not pass the course. At the time, the test was worth 10% of our final mark and the grade we received on the first attempt would be the only one that counted. We used the Essay-Zone and Advanced Grammar modules to prepare for this test.

The majority of my preparation and studying for the test was done by using the modules. I passed the test on my first attempt! After using the modules, I saw a big improvement in my writing skills, particularly in grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. I continued to use Essay-Zone and Advanced Grammar throughout the remainder of my first term to help me with my writing in all of my courses. They were a huge help, especially when it came to writing essays. What I like about the modules is how they are very light on text and easy to navigate. The activities and mini-quizzes really kept my interest and helped me to learn the material more easily.

I highly recommend the Academic-Zone modules to all students. Whether you’re struggling with essay writing, grammar, punctuation, or even math, the modules will definitely help you out. I wasn’t struggling, but I was surprised by how much my writing improved!

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