Spending more on Prisoners than on Students

Spending more on Prisoners than on Students

I wanted to share an alarming report from California’s Department of Finance that suggests “over the past two decades spending per prisoner in California has increased nearly three times faster than spending per K-12 student.”

The first question that comes to mind after reading this report is “Why are we prioritizing the care of law-breakers over the education of our youth?” If more K-12 students received high-quality education one could assume they would be less likely to commit crime, and more likely to propose crime preventative measures later in their life.

After reading 6 Reasons America Spends More on Prisons Than on Higher Education it has become apparent politics plays an important role in this budget decision. It is easier to get elected, from a politician’s perspective, if you persuade society with crime-related initiatives. In addition, politicians can move more of the cost of higher education on students while the same cannot be said for prisons and prisoners.

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