Ready to Connect at CONNECT 2015?

Several of our Brock University A-Z Learning Services team will be attending the CONNECT conference next week in Niagara Falls, May 5-8. We hope to see you there!

niagara-falls-205380_1280Niagara Falls, Ontario

 CONNECT is a Canadian learning and technology conference that connects education professionals from kindergarten to higher education, drawing “passionate educators, leaders, chief information officers, directors of education, IT experts, business managers and government sector institutions . . . [to gather] once a year to learn, debate and exchange ideas, network and be inspired through a smorgasbord of world class speakers, presenters, exhibits and seminars. It is the only event in Canada that brings together the complete life-cycle of learning, from kindergarten to Higher Education, libraries and workplace learning” (Connect, 2015).

A-Z Learning Services is offering a poster session, Thursday May 7 from 10-10:50am: Breaking Boundaries with Technology: Creating a Safe and Independent Student Experience . Stop by to explore the Academic-Zone modules and learn about Academic-Zone—Our story of development, our challenges and triumphs, and our strategy to increase student engagement and success through service and faculty partnerships.

Feel free to stop by and chat or just say, “Hi” :).


3c94c98Margaret Groombridge
Coordinator Learning Skills Instruction
A-Z Learning Services, Brock University

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