Yes, You can NAP at Brock

NAPPerhaps it’s a misleading title, but I couldn’t resist . . .

Brock is hosting NAP, a “Night Against Procrastination” event, Nov 12 from 6pm-midnight.

Other Universities across Canada run similar events in November, called The Long Night Against Procrastination. There’s even a Facebook group! Usually these events run into the wee hours, but we’re testing the waters and ending at midnight for our first year.

This type of event fits perfectly with our goal of inspiring students to do more, be more, and surprise themselves. A few years ago, I started my “it vs IT” speech in classes. The message seemed to strike a cord with students, so we made a video. Yes . . . teacher turned movie star. It’s a crazy job. 🙂

it it

We’ve  hosted it on You Tube: Don’t Just Write it, Write IT

More Details on the Brock NAP

During this late night writing and studying event, Brock students can work on assignments, ask questions, fuel up with soup or snacks, and join  mini-workshops or fun relaxation sessions.

Night Against Procrastination: Unite to Write!

• Work stations
• On-demand professional study and writing support
• Soup(er) food
• Relaxation sessions
• Quick and Dirty On the Spot Workshops

When: Thursday, Nov 12th from 6 PM to Midnight

I may be a little sleepier next time I post. Wish us luck!

Margaret Groombridge
A-Z Learning Services, Brock University

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