About Us

Academic-Zone™ delivers a variety of interactive online learning modules that engage students while increasing their understanding of fundamental skills including academic writing, numeracy, time management, and communication. An enhanced learning experience is achieved through the modules’ interactivity. The modules contain visuals, audio clips, videos, game-like exercises, pop-ups, quizzes and much more to keep the learning fun and interesting. The use of a variety of communication mediums enables Academic-Zone™ to cater to all students’ needs. Academic-Zone™ resources are specially tailored for students seeking to develop and enhance their skills efficiently throughout their secondary and post-secondary studies. By engaging and motivating students in a stress-free and individual learning environment, Academic-Zone™ encourages students to learn at their full potential. 

Academic-Zone is a social, not-for-profit educational organization. Academic-Zone runs via A-Z Learning Services, a branch of the Student Development Centre at Brock University. The Student Development Centre’s goal is to support students in their academic, personal, social and spiritual life at Brock. Academic-Zone™ emerged through leveraging the accumulated knowledge and experience of Brock University’s learning skills Instructors, multi-media specialists, and information technology systems developers. Initially implemented only at Brock University Academic-Zone™ began its outreach beyond Brock in 2009, involving low annual licencing agreements to cover administrative costs and access from academic-zone.com. Academic-Zone™ has been delivered to hundreds of students at institutions in the broader learning community nation-wide.

The purpose of the Academic-Zone™ Blog is to provide an open forum for current and prospective Academic-Zone™ users from institutions all over Canada. We want to generate and share ideas on innovation in education, practical tips for using Academic-Zone™ in the classroom, student/professor perspectives of using Academic-Zone™ and many other relevant topics. We will be posting on a weekly basis!

Academic-Zone™ products include:

Essay-Zone™ – Fundamental writing skills
Numeracy-Zone™ – Fundamental numeracy skills
Transition-Zone – Secondary to Post-secondary writing

Add-On Modules – More concentrated modules that focus on specific skills

We would love to hear from you!

Find out more on how to implement Academic-Zone™ at your institution by visiting Academic-Zone or contacting us at academic-zone@brocku.ca

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