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5 Tips to Improve Your Writing

Academic writing is a challenge for most students entering post-secondary education. In response, most institutions developed their own resources to assist students struggling with academic writing. Still, some students prefer the convenience of online resources. For example, a short 12-minute YouTube video with over 500,000 views, posted by the YouTube account “Learn English with Emma [engVid]”, recommends 5 simple tips to improve academic writing skills.

Emma, an English teacher who primarily works with ESL students, outlines 5 ways to improve academic writing with the use of simple sentences, stronger words, and active voice. Emma’s energetic voice, a white board, and several great examples make this video enjoyable and educational.

After investigating “engVid,” I realized Emma is only one of 8 teachers who have posted a collective 550+ lessons online. I would recommend exploring some of their videos if you are an international student, learning the English language, or would like some comedic relief (I would recommend Ronnie’s videos). Similar to “Khan Academy,” in my post a couple weeks ago, Emma and her colleagues have adapted to the fast-growing technology age.

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The Importance of Grammar Outside of Academic Writing

Grammar. Its important. So a student needs to prepare for there future!

Did you cringe when reading this introduction? How important is grammar?

An interesting post, “This Is Why Your Resume Was Rejected”, from The Recruiters Lounge, focused on employers and their experiences regarding job applications and candidates. The post lists some interesting reasons as to why employers reject resumes during the application process, with one in particular:

“1 spelling or grammar mistake and your CV (application) will be thrown in the trash can.”

A second post focused more on relating proper grammar to the work place. “Good Grammar Should Be Everyone’s Business” provides a few somewhat surprising facts that clearly support the theory that good grammar leads to professional success. The post states the following:

“Professionals with fewer grammar errors in their profiles achieved                     higher positions.

Fewer grammar errors correlate with more promotions.

Fewer grammar errors associate with frequent job changes.”

Both of these posts argue that proper grammar is extremely important when it comes to professional success. What are your thoughts on these statements? Do you agree or disagree?

Check out the original articles by clicking the links below.

This Is Why Your Resume Was Rejected

Good Grammar Should Be Everyone’s Business

National Punctuation Day: Celebrating the Proper Uses of Punctuation

Today is National Punctuation Day! This unofficial holiday takes place every year on September 24th and has been occurring since it was founded back in 2004 by Jeff Rubin. It’s basically a celebration of the correct and proper uses of the various forms of punctuation including commas, quotation marks, semicolons, and so on. National Punctuation Day’s website provides us with a brief explanation and some examples of how to properly use each form of punctuation. It also encourages everyone to pay close attention to store signs and point out the ones with incorrectly punctuated words.

It seems that nowadays, many people do not pay close attention to the proper uses of punctuation and tend to rely on auto-correct to fix their mistakes for them. Proper punctuation has almost always been skipped over when it comes to social media, and it appears that this causes improper uses to carry over into one’s academic writing. It’s almost as though punctuation doesn’t matter as much now as it has in the past. In your opinion, does punctuation still matter? What punctuation errors bother you the most?

For your enjoyment, here is Mashable’s photo gallery of 16 Unfortunate Misuses of Punctuation.

Check out the National Punctuation Day website here.

Clumsy Language

I just finished reading an excellent article on improving clumsy language in academic papers. This is blog points out a variety of different strategies to help improve writing- from grammar tips to how to find common errors when revising. If you would like an engaging read on the topic of essay writing, I suggest reading this article.