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3 Realistic Requirements for Effective Online Learning

A recent post from Designer Librarian outlines 3 crucial elements to sustain a successful online learning environment. The author, Amanda Hovious, is an experienced librarian currently completing her master’s degree in Instructional Design and Technology (IDT). Amanda, who attended her IDT program entirely online, describes the 3 most important components of online learning to achieve success and student engagement: Synchronous Learning, Sense of Community, and Active Discussions.

From a student’s perspective, I often find it difficult to become motivated and engaged in online learning. This issue typically originates from the common structure of online classes; pre-recorded lessons and instructions that are not in real time. There is often a lack of “community” and active discussions compared to a physical classroom. All of these factors combined make it difficult to stay organized, involved, and informed in an online course.

What do you think?

  • Is an active community of learners important when taking a new course?
  • Are discussions more useful when lead by a select few, rather than a collective group?
  • Is it easier to stay engaged and organized in an online environment vs. a physical environment?

I look forward to your opinion and thank you for reading!
Feel free to post your opinion or comments below!