Numeracy-Zone Screen Shot

Numeracy-Zone™ focuses on developing fundamental numeracy skills for non-math majors. Numeracy-Zone™ is broken down into four module concentrations: Transitional Math (Calculations), Statistics, Algebra, and Equations of Lines. Numeracy-Zone™ addresses common numeracy skills needed in a variety of post-secondary studies. Numeracy-Zone ™ allows students to learn and practice fundamental numeracy skills needed to succeed in post-secondary education.

Numeracy-Zone: Calculations

  • Percentages
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Ratios and Rates
  • Your Calculator, Your Friend

Numeracy-Zone: Statistics

  • Graphs: Types and Interpretation
  • Average and Median
  • Standard Deviation
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Probability

Numeracy-Zone: Algebra

  • Language of Algebra: Symbols and Terms
  • Algebraic Equations
  • Solving Algebraic Equations: Single- and Multi-Step
  • Review: Like Terms and Expanding Brackets

Numeracy-Zone: Equations of Lines

  • The Cartesian Plane
    • Coordinates
    • Plotting Points
  • Linear Relationships
  • Equation of a straight line
    • Graphing, interpreting
    • Slope: calculate, describe
    • x- and y-intercepts
  • Systems of linear equations
    • Solving by graphing
    • Solving by substitution

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